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Searching For a Pool Table Contractor in Berkeley, CA?Berkely pool table Dismantling

When you find a Berkeley pool table contractor that can move your pool table safely from one area to another, then you'll probably want to go with the pool table experts from The Pool Table Pros. We do all sorts of services when it comes to your pool table. So, if you're a fan of pool and want a service that can benefit your table, then don't look any further.



Berkeley Pool Table Installation

In order to have your pool table installed the correct way, you'll need to find someone that has a history of putting them together. You can always call on the guys at The Pool Table Pros. We can make your pool table just the way you like it.


If you've ever been to a pool hall before, then you know how straight & fast their pool tables are. You know how they get them that way? They call in experts like us who know pool table installation like the backs of our hands.

When you want a pool table installed right, just connect with The Pool Table Pros. We know which way the felt goes and how to carefully connect the rails for a balanced look. If you love your pool table, then give us a call.


Berkeley Pool Table Relocating

Where do you need your pool table relocated to? If you want it looking the same shape that you left it in, then contact The Pool Table Pros today. You'll see why we are the Berkeley pool table contractors of choice in the area. Pool table owners have been calling us for years about this service.


Your table will be relocated and installed with the same felt and bumpers that it came with. We can do this because we are the experts. Please don't do this on your own. Any kind of damage to a pool table can be very detrimental to its functionality.

Look, if you want you pool table upgraded we can do that for you as well. And why not why you're having it relocated? While there is a transition with the move, we can make your pool table look just like you've seen the professionals on TV.


Berkeley Pool Table Dismantling

Dismantling a pool table is a challenging process. Each part is very heavy and fragile. We offer this service as we can do it as carefully as we can. If you need your pool table dismantled, then give us a call. Our crew would love to help.


First, we start out by taking the pockets off. Removing the pockets opens up the rest of the pool table; making it much easier to dismantle. There are two sides to the pockets that need removed, the top & bottom sections.


Contact The Pool Table Pros today and you'll get the Berkeley pool table contractors who can dismantle your pool table and protect your slate. Give us a call today. We'll dismantle & relocate your table all in the same day.

If you're looking for pool table repairs, accessories, installation or relocation services in the Berkeley area, please call 209-627-6380 | 925-699-6693 | 415-418-9136 or complete our online request form.