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Why Hire an Expert to Move Your Pool Table



Move Your Pool Table

Whether you are moving from one part of the Bay Area to another, or simply rearranging your home you will need help moving your beloved pool table from one location to another. Unlike regular pieces of bulky furniture, pool tables have a number of special considerations that require professional attention when dismantling, moving, and reassembling them. Luckily, you can count on the experts at The Pool Table Pros to help with all your pool table relocation needs.


In order to move your pool table, you have to take it apart first. Trying to move a pool table without taking it apart first is dangerous and could lead to a warped or broken pool table, or injury to anybody trying to help move it. The various parts of the pool table, such as the pockets, the felt, and the slate, all have to be safely taken apart and transported to their new location to protect the quality of the table. If you are unsure how to disassemble parts of your pool table, do not risk damaging it! Call a professional for help instead. The qualified experts at The Pool Table Pros know how to take your pool table apart correctly to ensure that it is moved safely and efficiently to its new location.


Most pool tables are incredibly heavy. It might take four strong adults to lift just one side of an intact pool table. Lifting it can be dangerous for even the strongest of people. Additionally, lifting a heavy pool table the wrong way can strain it, causing the the wood to warp, bend, or break. Even once it has been broken down into its various components, your pool table will be heavy to transport. The slate alone can weight hundreds of pounds, making it a challenge to move from one spot to another. The Bay Area pool table relocation professionals at The Pool Table Pros are well-qualified to safely lift and maneuver pool tables, so save your back and your pool table and give them a call!


Putting your pool table back together in its new location can be quite the challenge. Not only do you have to keep track of all the various pieces of the table, but you also have to know how they come together to make the finished product. Additionally, pool tables need to be assembled upside down in order to connect the legs, so it will need to be safely lifted up and turned over and set back down carefully once the assembly is complete. This is no easy feat for someone with limited knowledge of pool table assembly, but the Bay Area experts at The Pool Table Pros are able to help.


Billiards enthusiasts know that a level pool table is essential to a fair and fun game. After all, a “level playing field” is a common metaphor for fairness across all sorts of competitions. Additionally, an uneven pool table will make it very difficult to get a good shot. An incline or decline on your pool table can lead to balls unexpectedly changing speed or direction, affecting the outcome of the game. If you have moved your pool table to a new location, then you will want to have your pool table leveled so that you and your competitors are assured a fair, smooth game of billiards every time. However, leveling a pool table can be tricky business and is best left to a professional. Luckily, the Bay Area pool table repair experts at The Pool Table Pros will be happy to professionally level your pool table when they have assembled it in it’s new location.

If you are considering relocating your Bay Area pool table to a new room or even a new home, do not do it alone. From expert disassembly to safely moving to professional reassembly and leveling, there are many complex steps to correctly moving your pool table. Don’t risk damaging your expensive pool table or injuring yourself or others. Hire our licensed and insured pool table relocation experts for safety and peace of mind. Contact The Pool Table Pros today to plan your Bay Area pool table relocation!

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