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Tips For Investing In A New San Francisco Pool Table

If you are interested in buying a pool table in the San Francisco or Northern California area, to add to your recreational room or home interior, you have to consider a few factors to get more value out of your purchase. Buying a pool table is like buying furniture. You have to consider it as an investment that is good quality, durable and will last you a lifetime. Here are some of the things you need to know about it to easily spot the good ones in the market today.

Level the Playing Field

Pool tables all seem to work the same with just a slight appearance in color, style, and design. But looking closer at the workmanship and material, you need your pool table to be accurately level in order to provide the right pool game experience. It is highly recommended that your table surface is made of 1-inch slate instead of wood. Wood-backed tables have the tendency to be less sturdy, unstable, and unleveled. No matter how beautiful the it is or how skilled the installer or manufacturer is, if it’s not slate, then you can just move on to something better. The best slates are made in Italy and Brazil.

Go for Quality Cloth or Felt

The playing surface is covered by cloth or felt. This can wear out eventually, especially when pool tables are used heavily and frequently. Replacing the cloth can be quite expensive so it would be best to select one with cloth made in highest quality. The one with the highest quality cloth are made of worsted wool that can improve the speed of the balls when they roll on the surface. The amounts of swerve and deflection can also be derived from the quality and kind of cloth.

Space and Size

Standard tables have lengths that are twice the size of the width. The popular size is 7, 8 and 9 ft. There is no correct or wrong size of pool table as long as it is standard and can fit in your area with approximately 5 ft distance between wall and table. This will prevent any problems hitting the cue ball because there is good enough space for movement. Always check the space where you will be placing your it so you can select the right size.

Check for Sturdiness

Look under and see how the table was constructed. A central wooden beam securing the playing surface is a sign of good quality construction. Check it there are wooden blocks supporting the surface table and the legs. Wood blocks are solid support to the table. Metal brackets are lesser quality in this aspect.

When paying for a few thousand dollars for a pool table, always look for good quality and design. Invest in the best and get more value for every penny spent.
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