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How to Choose the Right Felt for Your Pool Table



Bay Area California Pool Table Refelting

Refelting a pool table is a great way to maintain the table’s quality, and new felt can make your games much more enjoyable and your shots more accurate. When you’re having new felt installed on your pool table, the type of felt that you choose is the most important decision you have to make. At The Pool Table Pros, our professional Central Valley and Bay Area pool table experts can help you choose the perfect felt for your pool table, then we’ll provide you with a professional installation.

Our professionals can help you make sure that your pool table felt is high quality so that your billiards games are always their best, and we’ve also compiled a few tips to help you choose the perfect kind of felt for your table:

Think of Your Specific Table

There’s no one felt that’s best for all tables, and your choice should depend on your specific table. For instance, if you have an inexpensive table that gets limited or just casual use, there’s no use in paying top-dollar for a tournament-grade fabric. If you’re playing seriously, however, then our Bay Area pool table experts can help you choose a fabric that will duplicate professional tournament conditions.

What Level of Durability Will You Need?

For most felts, it’s the wool in the cloth that determines its durability. Your fabric’s lifespan will depend on the quality of its installation as well as the amount that it’s played on. If it’s being installed on a commercial table, then it will need to be more durable than if it were being installed on a personal table.

Our professional Bay Area pool table experts can work with you to decide on durable your fabric needs to be and help you compare different factors like weight, weave, or thread per inch (TPI). It’s also important to to remember that the maintenance your pool table felt receives will increase its lifespan.

What Speed Are You Looking For?

The roll and the speed of your balls will be greatly changed by whether you choose a **worsted ** or a napped woolen pool table felt. Worsted cloth is totally smooth, while woolen cloth has a noticeable "nap". The finishing process and the percentage of wool in the fabric will also play a huge role in determining the speed of the cloth. In worsted products, addition manufacturing processes are used to ensure that all of the fibers are of equal size, which results in a lack of "pilling" or "fuzzies", so there is no nap to to the fabric. The finishing process produces a smoother and more precise fabric, which gives you a faster ball speed and increased shot accuracy.

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