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San Jose Pool Table Professional Installation, Relocation, and Dismantling ServicesSan Jose Pool Table Contractor

You can count on The Pool Table Pros for any of the professional services you need performed on your pool table. Whether you’re finally adding a pool table to your home and need assistance with the installation, or you need services or repair for a table you already have, we can make sure it’s in the best condition possible and ready for serious play. You call the shots, and we’ll do all the work. And our San Jose pool table professionals will always be respectful, courteous, and professional.

Pool tables take a lot of wear-and-tear, and over time, they’ll start to show it, until keeping your cue straight in line can become a chore. Our professionals can restore your felt, replace your bumpers, and level and balance your table, so when you have a bad game, you won’t be able to chalk it up to an unfair table. No matter how you look at it, our San Jose pool table professionals offer the best and most thorough pool table services in the area.

Call us today for an appointment if you need help moving, installing, or repairing a pool table.

San Jose Pool Table Installation

Moving a pool table into your home may be a bit more difficult than you originally believe. Getting the table through the door will most likely require that you take it apart, and then you’ll have to set it back up again once it’s inside. Even then, the table will probably be much heavier than you and a few friends will be able to handle. Our San Jose pool table professionals can make sure that your pool table is moved quickly and without any complication. We’re pool table experts, so we’ll be able to make sure that no damage is done to your table’s base, slate, legs, or rails. So once it’s back in your home, it’ll be ready for a game.

San Jose Pool Table Repairs

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your pool table. Whether it’s off-balance or not leveled, the felt is old and worn out, or your bumpers need to replaced, an ill-repaired pool table can take its toll on your game and how much you’re able to enjoy it. So our San Jose pool table professionals will work to make sure your pool table is in the best condition possible. We'll give you new felt, whether it's because the old felt is no longer doing it's job, or because you want a different color to match the rest of your home. And we'll make sure the rest of your pool table is ready for proper play before we're done with the job. We'll treat your table with care, and you'll be more on-point than ever.

If you're looking for pool table repairs, accessories, installation or relocation services in the San Jose area, please call 209-627-6380 | 925-699-6693 | 415-418-9136 or complete our online request form.