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Are You Searching for a Pool Table Contractor in Fremont, CA?

Do you need the services of a Fremont pool table contractor? You will find lots of great pool table services from the professional at The Pool Table Pros. Our relocation service will take your pool table wherever it may need to go as our dismantling service will break down your table prepping it for the move. Call and take advantage today.

Fremont Pool Table Installation

The Pool Table Pros highly recommend that you never install your new pool table. If you've always wanted a pool table and have finally got the nerve to buy one, then you know just how big and bulky they are.

No worries as The Pool Table Pros can install your new table. We are the experts when it comes to pool tables. As you know, a pool table is a major investment and that's why you should choose one carefully. After all, you're going to be stuck with it for a very long time.

On of the options that you'll have when purchasing a new pool table is the felt colors. Felt can make or break a pool table's looks. Red is a very popular choice for felt, but you can also have one customized if it's in your budget to do so.

Fremont Pool Table Relocation

Are you getting frustrated all because you have to move your pool table and don't want to leave it behind? If you are, then you're just like other pool table owners who have been faced with this dilemma. The Pool Table Pros have a relocation program.

Our relocation service makes us the top choice as a Fremont pool table contractor. We want move your table because we understand just how much you actually appreciate it. Your love for pool is the reason why wee offer such an exceptional service.

Our guys will pay close attention to the details of your table so that it can safely get to its destination and installed just like it looked before dismantling. Every piece will be wrapped so that nothing gets damaged in route to your new home.

Fremont Pool Table Dismantling

There are many benefits to dismantling a pool table. If your pool table needs taken apart, then let The Pool Table Pros do the job. We'll carefully extract the felt, slate and legs. Our crew will not damage your table as it's our job to safely break it down.

The advantages to dismantling a pool table are:

  • Easier to get through tight spaces.
  • Safely makes for a long distance move.
  • Parts will not get dinged up nor damaged.

If you want a Fremont pool table contractor, then call The Pool Table Pros. Our guys will take special care of your table.

If you are looking for pool table repairs, accessories, installation or relocation services in the Fremont area, please call 209-627-6380| 925-699-6693| 415-418-9136 or complete our online request form.