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Your Experienced Pool Table Professionals in Roseville

Roseville Pool Table Installation

It's game on with The Pool Table Pros. We are a family owned and operated provider that is dedicated to helping homeowners keep their pool tables in excellent condition game after game. We offer a wide array of pool table repair and restoration services that includes all pool accessories, refelting, balance & leveling, bumper and pocket replacement, and of course a full line of designer pool tables. In addition to all of our products, we also provide speedy pool table relocating no matter where you're moving in the Central Valley of Northern California. Count on us to restore and preserve your pool table.

A Wide Selection of Pool Accessories

At Pool Table Pros we carry it all for your pool tables. No matter what you need we either have it in stock or can place a quick order for it and have it arrive in no time at all. Our most popular items include chalk, balls, brushes, table covers, triangles, nine ball triangles, wall racks, and pool table pockets. All of these items come in numerous styles and colors that are sure to match any pool table design. We highly recommend investing in a pool table cover for your table, as this provides your table with ultimate protection in case of disaster.

New Felt & Refelting

With ongoing use the felt on your pool table will eventually begin to show signs of wear and tear. If you're noticing rips or holes in your pool table, then it may be time to refelt your pool table's surface. Click on our refelting page in order to see all the felt colors that we have available. We can match your tables current color and complete refelt every inch of the surface. When we pull off the old felt, we make sure that table surface is smooth without any bumps or splinters. We then lay down and smooth out the felt and insure that it is securely fastened across the entire pool table. You'll love the results.

Balancing & Leveling

An unbalanced pool table can ruin your shot every time. It can also provide an unfair advantage to anyone who is knowledgeable of the unlevel playing surface. Ensure the most fair play by getting your pool table professionally leveled by the experts at The Pool Table Pros. We will balance and level your pool table for optimum game play. All pool tables installed by The Pool Table Pros automatically include leveling service. We provide leveling to all homeowners and businesses in Northern California. Call us today for fast and efficient pool table balancing and leveling.

New Bumper Installation

Are you beginning to notice, bumps, niches or exposed areas around your bumper? The Pool Table Pros can install new Championship pool table bumpers or cushions for any type of pool table you may have. Two tone bumper and felt colors can be custom installed to enhance your current table. We begin every bumper replacement by first making sure the pool table rails are mounted tightly to the table. If the rails are too loose, the the bumpers do not have enough of a bounce effect to play the game properly. If the rails are too tight, the ball will make a "thud" sound and won't rebound against the bumper. We insure that all bumpers are installed precisely as they should be so that you can enjoy maximum performance.

Pocket Replacement

Few things in the game of pool are as frustrating as pool table pockets with holes in the them. No matter how you try to fasten them, they always seem to come apart. The solution are brand new replacement pockets from The Pool Table Pros. We carry an extended selection of pockets with multiple colors, textures, and designs. Whether you like your pockets and narrow or short and fat, you can have your pockets installed to your exact specifications. Our pockets are made of high quality leather or plastic. They're sold in sets of 6 with 4 corner pockets and 2 side pockets.

Roseville, CA

If you are looking for Pool Table Repairs, Accessories, Installation or Relocation services in the Roseville area or the Central Valley of Northern California, please call 209-627-6380 | 925-699-6693 | 415-418-9136 or complete our online request form.