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Pool Table Installations and Repairs Services in Folsom, CA Folsom Pool Table Installation

Instead of getting rid of your pool table, consider having it professionally restored. Your pool table has given a lot to you over the years, so don't just think of discarding it when it's getting old. We can give it an entirely different look when you have your table restored! You'll have options in felt colors that bring about great changes to the way your table will look and feel.

If you're having other problems with the table, we can take care of those issues as well. Commonly, our customers in the Folsom area come to us with needed repairs and leveling problems, but we can help you replace parts like the pockets, underlying slate layer, wood, and more. We also offer a selection of accessories for your perusal.

Pool Table Installations in Folsom

When you're needing a pool table installed, go with our professionals here at The The Pool Table Pros. We've helped hundreds of pool table owners install their billiards tables, both for homeowners and commercial business owners. Whether you have coin-operated pool tables or any other type, we'll help you with the assembly, installation, and leveling during installations.

We can assemble and install your pool tables professionally for any 3-piece slate, 1-piece slate, coin-operated, and ball return pool table. Whether you own a pool hall or you're family pool table is going in your garage, we've done it all before and will be glad to assist you with your installation needs!

Pool Table Repairs in Folsom

Your pool table has unfortunately seen better days if the felt is fading, getting thinned out or torn, or your table isn't balanced like it used to be. Over time, everything breaks down including the beloved family billiards table so loved and worn throughout the years. Surprise you family this year with a brand new-looking pool table! We can restore your old table and bring it back to the vibrant colors it once sported that made it look so great. Today's options in felt color are fabulous when compared to the standardized color choices you used to have. Get rid of that old worn green felt and go with something modern and fresh! We also have a line of great accessories available for you, just ask or visit our online store.

Folsom Pool Table Wrapping and Crating

If you find you have a need for shipping or moving your pool table, you'll want to be sure it's properly wrapped and that it's crated well, especially the slate. You don't want to risk having damages done to your pool table because it wasn't wrapped or crated right. Our specialists at The Pool Table Pros are available to help you with your wrapping and crating needs. We also can help you with moving, whether it's from one room to the next or across town.

Folsom, CA

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