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Pool Table Installations and Repairs Services in Elk Grove, CA Elk Grove Pool Table Installation

If there was a time you loved your pool table but it no longer looks attractive to you, it's time to have it restored by our professional pool table repair team.

Imagine your pool table in a different color with shiny, polished surfaces, vibrant new balls, and straight, unworn cue sticks! Whether your table is old or you're just tired of how it looks, we can spiff it up, repair it, and replace parts, giving it that much needed face-lift you've put off for some time.

Over time, all the materials will start to wear out, and usually the first to go is the felt lining. Then you have difficulty keeping the bumpers in good shape and the table leveled and balanced.

Your problems with an unbalanced table are frustrating, especially if you weren't aware that the problem wasn't your cue stick or your aim but the table isn't level anymore! Our professionals at The The Pool Table Pros can handle all your pool table needs including but not limited to repairs, installations, and leveling.

Pool Table Installations in Elk Grove

Our professional pool table installation team can give you the best in professional pool table installations in the Elk Grove area. Trained by experts in the field, we have helped hundreds of satisfied customers, both commercial and homeowners, with their pool table installations throughout northern California.

Pool table balancing and leveling is part of every installation. We can assemble and install your pool tables professionally for any 3-piece slate, 1-piece slate, coin-operated, and ball return pool table.

Pool Table Repairs in Elk Grove

Pool tables have a limited life span, no matter the quality of the materials. Particularly in the areas of the felt materials that cover the pool table surface. These areas get most of the wear and tear and will need replacing after a time. If your felt or any other areas of your pool table are getting worn, let us fix it up to a like-new state again. You'll be amazed when you see how different just a felt change can make! Then consider updating your pool cues, get replacement balls, a few other accessories, and everything will all set for you to enjoy your pool table again! Be sure to visit our online store for some great, quality billiard accessories!

Elk Grove Pool Table Wrapping and Crating

If you're having your pool table moved by shipping or other methods, you'll need to ensure it's properly wrapped and crated or you could wind up with damages. Our specialists are available to wrap and crate your pool table professionally so you don't have to worry about its safety during shipping or moving. Your slate is professionally crated so it's fully protected during moving.

Elk Grove, CA

For the best in Pool Table Installation or Pool Table Repairs in Elk Grove, CA, please call 209-627-6380 | 925-699-6693 | 415-418-9136 or complete our online request form.