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Pool Table Installations and Repairs Services in Davis, CA Davis Pool Table Installation

If you're a Davis, California resident or commercial business owner with a pool table that needs some attention, just give our specialists a call here at The Pool Table Pros. Whether you're needing installations, repairs, restorations, moving, or any of our other professional services, we're ready to help you with your pool table needs.

Can you imagine your old pool table in a different color with shiny, polished surfaces, vibrant new balls, and straight, unworn cue sticks? Can you imagine a table that's well balanced and level again with cue sticks that are straight and beautiful? How about a nice modern green color instead of the old green standby? Or perhaps you'd like a nice, rich red, purple, Euro blue, or black in two tones? Just by changing the felt, your old pool table can take on a whole new look!

Pool Table Installations in Davis

Installation of pool tables requires professionals to assemble and install them. Proper leveling needs to be done, and the slate needs delicate and proper handling. Our specialists at The Pool Pros are ready and able to assist you with all your pool table installation needs. Whether you're moving a table into your home's garage or basement or you own a club and need some tables installed commercially, we're ready and happy to help!

Pool Table Repairs in Davis

Over time things happen and your pool table finally shows signs of getting worn. Whether your table needs just a few repairs or needs to be restored fully, our pros would love to help you out. Eventually the felt will wear, the pockets get torn, the edges get scraped and scratched, and the balance or leveling gets off. That's when most people lose their love of playing pool but little realize the cause.

Imagine playing on a newly renovated surface again with cues that aren't warped and balls that are vivid in color! What a difference it will make if we have the opportunity to put a little loving repairs into your billiards table! Fix it up for you and family members to enjoy, what a great gift to be able to see you playing with them!

Davis Pool Table Wrapping and Crating

There's no reason to worry when you need to have your pool table shipped or moved. Our professional pool table service company at The Pool Table Pros can help you prepare your pool table properly. Your table will need to be wrapped and crated professionally so you don't suffer damages to the table. Your slate will be specially wrapped and crated as well.

Davis, CA

For the best in Pool Table Installation or Pool Table Repairs in Davis, CA, please call 209-627-6380 | 925-699-6693 | 415-418-9136 or complete our online request form.